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Infernal Machine  (Fire)

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 Infernal Machine

Other affinity: Infernal Machine (Shadow)

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Orbs: (3)
Affinity: Fire
Energy: 260
Type: Building (Device)
Charges: 1
Rarity: U
Edition: Renegade

Defense: 1800

Infused Arson - Activate to cast a fiery aura upon every friendly building in the current game.
Every hostile unit within a 20m radius around affected buildings will be severly hurt. Each aura
deals 45 damage to hostile units, up to 180 per second and incinerates enemies within it. Burned
units will additionally lose 25 life points every 2 seconds and stay inflamed for another 10 seconds
even after leaving the aura. Lasts for 12 seconds. Has a 60 seconds cool-down after being built.
Reusable every 60 seconds.


Upgrade I:

Empire (Standard)  
Upgrade II:

Empire (Advanced)  
Upgrade III:

Empire (Expert)  
Honour Tokens: 0
Victory Tokens: 1
Battle Tokens: 15
PvP Rank: 3
Honour Tokens: 0
Victory Tokens: 12
Battle Tokens: 40
PvP Rank: 9
Honour Tokens: 15
Victory Tokens: 25
Battle Tokens: 80
PvP Rank: 12

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